Orly Taitz Disbarred? Not Yet.

It’s been a wild ride for notorious California dentist, attorney, Birther Queen, Tae Kwon Do blackbelt, perennial speeding ticket defendant, and konstitutional screecher Orly Taitz. Umpteen court cases and FOIA petitions later, all in various stages of appeal, denial, and chaos, she is no closer to overthrowing America’s democratically elected government than she was in 2008 — but a good deal closer to disbarment, according to published reports.

Why would Orly Taitz’s disbarment be interesting? Because until now she has been able to bring her crazysuits on behalf of purported “plaintiffs” (some of whom are certainly unaware they are plaintiffs, and others of whom may have passed away since the suits were first filed). Were Taitz disbarred, she would still be able to carry on the “eligibility” fight in Federal and State court, but only on a pro se basis, representing herself. For one thing, Taitz’s disbarment would severely narrow the possibility of her getting standing in the Federal system (a possibility that was already near zero).

The other reason Orly Taitz’s disbarment would be of note is that it would mark a high point for the California Bar which, besides having bizarrely low standards (by comparison to many other states) for admittance in the first place, seems only to have the appetite for pursuing disciplinary complaints against attorneys who defraud, cheat, embezzle, etc. — anything involving money — and not so much interest in protecting the integrity of the legal profession, the court system, or their own name as an accrediting body.

Meanwhile (until Taitz is disbarred), Orly’s legal (and extralegal) performances — including failing to follow any procedural rule ever, lying to courts, accusing judges of treason, publishing Social Security numbers in open filings, and misunderstanding such basic concepts as standing, evidence, proof of service, default, and redressability — continue, to the chagrin of fellow attorneys, the despair of judges, and the bemusement of everyone else.

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  1. HarryOrielly says:

    can you disbar a person for telling the TRUTH? no you can only viciously smear them- and the diehard Obama suckups dont care if he is the BIGGEST FRAUD in history- IT PARTY LOYALTY over HONESTY & DECENCY & America- Obama is Charismatic & likable and always seeks the spotlight but is corrupt to the bone. He always says what people want to hear and we Americans were proud to elect a black man as our president because it shows the world what we are all about. But while Obama preaches to the poor, he is owned by the rich. The only president to hide his past history at the cost of millions. He even surrendered his law license to avoid investigation. So what could be so bad that millions was spent to hide? Maybe a few drug busts & arrest records? We Americans will never know (probably far worse) because our news-media is closed & controlled and refuse to print anything about Obama’s past history or his IN-ELIGIBILITY. Obama leads America into a new unprecedented era of corruption.

    1. verbalobe says:

      Looks like you know plenty about ‘vicious smears.’